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D.A.R.E Essay

D.A.R.E means

D = Drug

A = Abuse

R = Resistant

E = Education

In D.A.R.E the last nine weeks we have done a lot of fun stuff from the beginning of D.A.R.E till the end. At the beginning of D.A.R.E we learned not yo do tobacco and not to do drugs and alcohol. Deputy Thomas told us that cigarettes hold a lot of tar in it and he showed us the amount of tar that comes from one little cigarette.

Deputy Thomas brought in a doll that he called smoking Susie. and she had really bad black lungs. Deputy Thomas also brought in a fake black lung. It looked like what a real black lung would look like. Deputy Thomas also brought in Smoking Susie’s boyfriend. Mr. Dip lip.  I suggest to all kid in  America not to do drugs you can die from all of the different kinds of drugs. I give my word that I’ll never chew tobacco, drink alcohol and Smoke and I will not do any of the other drugs.

I have learned that you can still get black lungs even when you’re not a smoker by getting secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is when someone around you is smoking and you breathe in the smoke you get can yellow teeth and smelly breath. If you play sports and smoke you could suffer from shortness breath and dizziness.

There is all kinds of pressure that people can use to get you to smoke all of the other drugs. They are Friend peer pressure,Teasing peer pressure, Direct peer pressure,Heavy peer Pressure,Positive peer Pressure. Those are all of the pressures that you could get when someone asks you to do drugs. You will not have all of those pressures. You will at least have one of those kinds of peer pressures.

I PLEDGE that I will never do any kinds of drugs and never drink alcohol.

Camp Oty’Okwa

At camp I had a big problem.  I didn’t like Austin.  I haven’t been good friends with Austin.  and when we got put in trail groups I said to myself I will not be mean to him or anything.  I will get along with him.  After that every thing was going good but then came lunch.  Me and Austin were getting along and then we got into a big argument I don’t even know how it started.  It went on for that whole lunch time.  We started arguing again at breakfast.  I was getting mad and then after breakfast I decided to make a truce with Austin and we could be friends and stop arguing.  For the rest of camp me and Austin never argued again.  Now after camp me and Austin are good friends now we haven’t argued since then.  Bad things always end up with a good ending.

My group is Me(Jakob) , Nick, Hayley, Dustin, Kyra, Emily, Austin, Lindsey, and Katie  was the people all in my group.  My group changed a lot because I didn’t really talk to some of the people in my group but then after camp I actually talk to those people a lot.  When Tim our instructor told us our first groups and then told us to go to lunch my group sat down and we never really talk a lot but the every one was yapping and talking to each other.

The first day we got here I had Pioneering. In our groups this week at the begging of our first group I was listing and I was not very talkative.  Then later I was starting to rise my hand a lot more than I was.  I also became more of a leader.  I was wanting to be a good leader and I tried to encourage people who was like me at the begging. I got a couple of people to start to be more of a leader and the other people were shy.  At the end of our last class some people started to cry I’m not going to say their names but me and my whole group encouraged the people who cried and every one made it up the climbing wall.  That was a really good day.

Teachers VS Students

Today I’m going to write a short post. Today were haveing a basketball. Its the Teachers VS the Sudents.  I’m playing on the students team and I think were going to win.  I think they have did this for 4 years strait. and the students have never won but the students are going to win this year. because we have a lot of good basketball players.

The Teachers lineup        VS       the Students Lineup

1.Mrs. Cook                                     1.Ridge Young

2.Mr. McGuire                               2.Jakob Sheumaker

3.Mr. Congrove                             3.Micah Hines

4.Mrs. Griffey                                 4.Tyler Winland

5.Mrs.Cartee                                    5.Jessica Willard

6.Mrs.Fraley                                    6.Rhianna Lucus 

7.Mr.Dropsey                                  7.Catlin Wetzel

8.Mrs.Scott                                        8.Seth Vandigriff

9.Mrs.Caudill                                    9.Nick Uhl

10.Timmy Congrove                     10.Stephen Deluse

The New York Yankees!!

The New York Yankees is my favorite major league baseball team. They are doing really good this year last year they did bad but there doing good for the begging of the season. My dad said were going to go watch the Boston RedSox to go see the GREEN MONSTER. The GREEN MONSTER is a really high wall its 37 feet 2 inches, I think that’s really tall for a home run wall.

Then I told my dad how about we go to the New York Yankees he’s like really but wouldn’t you rather see the RedSox play. I said, I like the Yankees though. The RedSox aren’t that good compared to the Yankees I think. My dad said alright we’ll see the Yankees. I think it would be fun to see the new, New York Yankees Stadium. I’ll write back and tell who won and all that stuff.

Laurelville students “get their head in the game” to prepare for the OAA With A Falsh Mob Dance!!

This is a really good and fun way to prepare your students  for the OAA test. I think every school should do this I think its fun. I bet you will think it is to!

A Person That Had A Bad Day Grading Your Test What Do You Think About That

I think that when Martha opened my test she would be like “why does it have to be sloppy,” because I have really bad hand writing. If there was a person like Martha grading my test I will make sure that I write really good. I think that if I write really sloppy that a person like Martha would not even care she probably would give me a zero because she wouldn’t be able to see my hand writing.

If I was Martha I wouldn’t grade the test’s I would guess like 0,0,1,1,1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4 because I wouldn’t be able to stand having that bad of a day and grade a sloppy test that would make me want to guess on want that person got on his extended response.

The OAA Test

I think the 2006 math test was really easy for a sixth grade math test. The reading test was pretty easy but some parts were hard. So I don’t know what to expect on the 2011 math and reading test. I think its going to be a lot different than the 2006 practice test we took.

I hope that after the OAA test the rest of the year will be fun because we got 6th grade camp and then we go to visit the junior high and stuff. So I think that when the OAA test is over it will be the best school year ever!!